Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Social Class & Feminism People Like Us & The Center for Working Class Studies

So I had thought I posed this but it was saved as a draft!! AHHHHH!

On the "People like us", website, what really attracted me was the various stories about people lives and their socioeconomic background.  I was reading the different stories and was pulled into how diverse they were.I was more focused on the comments people had on the actual stories. One comment that really stuck to me was from an individual named "P" from Boston, here is a link to it click me. I quote " Race, gender and class are a real part of the American fabric. They stitch us together and are inescapable as some of us struggle to stay apart. We pretend that we are better than people like my great grandmother. I think we still have a long way to go." P, makes a very good point. The story was about how he's grandfathers wife was never really accepted into the family. His grandfathers family was very wealthy from Greece, and he married someone from a lower class, and she would always get heat from the family because "she wasn't one of their kind".

This really put a dent into the family, because they were really judging her and were not accepting at all. P, states that their needs to be much more work done in regards to issues with race, gender, and society especially with the gaps in ones socioeconomic backgrounds. He is pointing out that there is a different, and just because one has more money than the other, it does not mean one should be treated unfairly. He is saying that because it is such a large issue, it can either break up the nation or it could be of unity.

This is a Feminist issue! There not being equally for the way his grandfather's wife was being treated. Just because she was from the lower class, she was already being placed in a category where she had to be in full defense. She did not have a chance to present herself as an individual, she was already being judged.  There was not equality for her because his grandmother was already placement judgement due to the class she fell in. They were both madly in love with each other, and she could not factor out her class to accept her in the family.  As P, said, there needs to be a change for this. So that class should not be a category where people are judged.

What I really enjoyed about visiting The Center for Working-Class Studies (CWCS) at Youngstown State University (YSU)  is there amount of resources. One can get information about the working class, and see their options if one is suck, or to know information in regards to what is going on in the world.  The resources include, teaching classes, articles, a library, courses etc,  that will help anyone that is looking for specific information about the working class.

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