Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Johnson : Privilege, Power and Difference, Reflection

Johnson started in the most perfect way, by saying that " We are all part of the problem". I can definitely agree, because I feel if one is only complaining and just looking at the problem for what it is, and not necessarily doing anything to fix it, then the person is only being idle to the situation and is not necessarily adding to the solution. I personally feel that the best way to personally avoid and stay away from being and acting in an unjust way towards society and towards any individual is by simply acting upon others in a way they, themselves would want to be treated, respect and nonetheless, viewed upon.

 This relates to me in countless ways, especially since I am Hispanic, I am already placed in a situation (due to the society I live in ), where I am at the bottom of the latter compared to another individual such as a Caucasian, living under the same circumstances as me, and with the same criteria. Which ties into the power segment.It is a constant battle that because I am a Hispanic Female, I have to work twice as harder has the stereotypical white man. Its a constant struggle, to have to always prove myself, where I always end up believing and living my life, as I should do as a please for the goodness of myself, and for others.

Question for thought...How can we individually chance the social systems, so the majority can feel heard and respected?


  1. excellant first post. i lik ethe personal connection to it. expand on what you plan to ask in class. what do you mean?

  2. I agree with you Vanessa, the best thing to do is treat others how you would want to be treated. I've gotten rid of some of my friends who wouldn’t follow that, and would make fun of their own friends and other people for being different, and I decided that I cant be around people like that, because everyone deserves to be treated equal.