Wednesday, January 4, 2012


What I did over break? Honestly, I enjoyed my holidays with close ones, yet more excitingly I finally celebrated my 21st birthday. What did this mean for me? It was a sign of maturity and an indication to adulthood. I luckily spent it with those that I consider good friends, family, and great co-workers. I enrolled in this course to fulfill my graduation requirements, something that I am really looking forward to this year. I will soon be a RIC graduate and consider myself ready for the challenges that come after graduation. Hopefully some of you will share that stage with me this year. From this course I plan to learn and achieve exactly what our syllabus describes, “Analyze the live of women and men using the lenses of feminism and emphasizing the legal, economic, political, and social constructions of race, class, gender, and sexuality.” In addition, I hope to utilize these sociological perspectives in my Psychology career.


  1. what field of psych would you like to be in?

  2. very good question doing some searching in what i want to do for the rest of my that sounded dramatic , pero im fortunate to work with a psychotherapist and shes giving me lots of insight into what i want to do! im slowly trucking